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The Story Behind
HerStory Luxury Candles

Where exquisite vessels capture a beautiful reality with scents that linger


Meet the

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Felecia Hunter-Burnett

Founder | Chandler

I have always loved beauty; beautiful things, food, people, and scents. My affection for candles began as a teenager. It was not unusual to smell a candle burning in our home, scenting up the whole environment! What inspired Herstory Luxury Candle Company was a late-night heart to heart with my sister, Peaches sharing my love for candles and desire to start a luxury line. She encouraged me, challenged me and even worked out the logistics of the candle business. It would be five years later before my dream became a reality.

My sister transitioned on August 22, 2020 and two months later, in October HerStory Luxury Candle Company was created.  Although the grief  of her not being here to share in my journey is painful at times, I am reminded that life is precious, and that we should L.I.V.E. out loud! Love, Inspire, be a Visionary and Excited at all times!

L.I.V.E. Outloud

Love, Inspire, be a Visionary, and Excited!

I stepped out on faith and decided to love and inspire you by creating a place where scents and words collide, and the results are the beautiful candles I've crafted and curated just for you, in hopes they'll inspire you to L.I.V.E.

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(R) Teresa "Peaches" Perry

(L) Felecia Hunter-Burnett

Tell Your Story

Every woman deserves to tell HerStory but sometimes this can be a difficult task. At HerStory, we'll help you get your story started. 

First, get "still". Turn off all devices and distractions. Next, light your HerStory Luxury Candle and experience the ambiance and beautiful scents that will inspire you to tell your story.

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Join our HerStorytelling Community

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