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DIY Candle Pouring

The process matters...

Beautiful Candles

with Luxurious Scents

The custom scent lingers... the wax is hand poured with love.

Self - Care Collection 2023

Our Mental Health is sacred and should be handled with intention and kindness. Taking care of oneself is the ultimate gesture of self-care. The grace we extend to others is also available to us...we need only to tap into it.

The Self-Care Collection of relaxation candles were created to offer you a sacred experience in nurturing yourself. Preserving your tranquility should always be a priority. The scents in this collection are “calming”, “centering” and curated to assist you in getting “still” so you can experience what Self-Care is all about! 


Bulgarian Rose

White Orchid

Tongan Vanilla



Anise + Sugar

 Sage + Musk


English Lavender

Meyers Lemon + Vanilla Tahitian


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Words & Scents Matter

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This is the space where scents and words really matter. Why not light your HerStory luxury candle, pour up a cup of tea or coffee, take out your favorite pen and precious journal to record your thoughts.

Mental Wellness is important and caring for oneself is the ultimate act of love. So, while you're busy loving on others, I'm dedicating this sacred space to love on you and offer to you the love you so richly deserve. This collection was created exclusively for you!

True Self-Care creates room for Soul-Care to take place.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
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