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International Women's Month

Teacher, Leader, Soldier, Healer. Women take on every role imaginable, whether they want to or not. As we sail through International Women’s Month, we have the opportunity to recognize some awesome women who have accomplished amazing things all over the world. In the wake of so much success we easily forget how amazing you (we) are. Navigating this world as a woman can be difficult and joyous! We are blessed with the opportunity to navigate this world with peers, fellow soldiers, comrades (that while they may look different from you) they know your struggles on an intimate level. They see you even when you think you are invisible. In your quiet moments when all you want is for the world to be silent and in the moments when you demand attention. I see you. You are amazing in the way you have dedicated yourself to the thankless and never-ending job of motherhood. You have committed yourself to the ministry of diaper changes, late night feedings, toddler temper tantrums, eye rolls, and teenage angst. You do it while exhausted and overwhelmed. You pace floors and peek out windows. You pray silent prayers and cheer under your breath. You mother children that you didn’t birth with the same love and dedication as if your contractions brought them forth.

You pray silent prayers and cheer under your breath.

At work you weave seamlessly from emails to meetings. You constantly weigh everything from the tone in your emails to the length of your skirts. Determining whether or not laughing at the boss’s joke would be appropriate or flirtatious is part of your daily journey. You navigate marriage to partners that at times seem to be from a completely different planet. In a union that is all encompassing you fight to maintain your sense of self. How can you be one whole for us and one whole for you at the same time? You are a daughter who is now responsible for the lives of the parents that raised you. How can you be both mother and daughter at the same time? You are an excellent friend who makes time in an already busy schedule to laugh too loud, drink too much wine, and cry in community. You need this to fuel and keep you strong and centered. All these roles…wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend overlap and wrap you in definitions and responsibilities yet YOU DO THEM WITH EASE. Ohhh, not without doubts, fears, tears, or pain but you do it while in the midst of all those emotions. You have saved so many and yet you and the everyday-ness of your life goes unacknowledged and uncelebrated.

So, I am here to celebrate you. I am so grateful that you got up this morning, in pain no less. I am so excited that you showed up. Life will never happen if you don’t show up. So, please continue to show up each and every day in the absolute best way that you can. I am proud of you. You clean up the

messes and fold the clothes. You make lunches and listen to husbands’ drone on and on. I salute you!

You bandage knees and heal teenage heartbreak. You rock! You write reports and conduct meetings while listening to coworkers’ you don’t care to hear. You are freaking amazing! You walk in protests, sing in choirs, create beautiful art for others to enjoy, you answer questions, legislate, doctor, nurse, and you do it all with a smile and laugh sometimes while wearing lipstick. You are strong and capable! When I stand back and watch the grace that you use while you navigate this world not designed for you but molded by you, I STAND IN AWE OF YOU!! So, while celebrating women during this month don’t forget to reserve some celebrating for yourself and for your fellow soldiers out here in the trenches with you! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


Yes, I am here to tell HerStory…

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