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Passing Through

This is a poem I created and deconstructed for a Poetry Contest using the 30 words in red.

I am ambiguous (uncertain) to the passages of grief

A migratory (drifting/wandering) existence of will (choice) while meandering (strolling) through these dusty (grimy) roads of darkness

Where light occasionally makes a welcoming blinding appearance

The asylum (safety) of my heart is undaunted (unconcerned) by the roundabout (winding) way others chose to deal with me

I am fierce in my attempt to extract (remove), and trim (cut back) lies from truth

I am in pain. I am in deep sorrow...

Some days I clamber (struggle) unto myself forbidding sadness to hold me too tight

While the bindle of sheets lay at my feet bracing me against the winds of this heavy consuming grief

This grief, my grief has pulled me into a space in time where my wearied (exhausted) soul has figured out that time does not heal all wounds

My soul now knows that the reckless(careless/irresponsible) behavior of my sudden outburst is my way of informing the world of grief’s arrival and its desire to be first

The journey of moving through grief is an unmapped (uncharted/chartless) course (lesson)

Of a dampen spirit and tears that spring forth

While walking underneath the dirt of my true emotions

I ask the question, “will my passages ever see the face of joy again?”

Will I reclaim laughter as my friend?

Yes, I know that joy and fun will startle (shock/amaze) me as I run toward the light of love provisioned for me

In this time. Right now. When I need it most. When I need to believe.

A quantum (significant) sum of peace and happiness is my exchange as I outpace (overtake/beat) the passages of grief.

Created by Felecia Hunter-Burnett Mar 30, 2022

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